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Our Cast Nets Are Totally Handmade

Secrets of Spanish Florida

Menorcan Magic Featured on PBS's Secrets of Spanish Florida

Parts of a Quality Handmade Cast Net

Parts of the best cast nets available on the market

Cast nets have been around for a long time.

I have been making custom hand made  cast nets for almost 70 years. I was making fishing nets before you could buy Synthetic material. I still continue to make hand made nets We will out of Bonded Nylon and braided Dacron. Most of the fishing nets that I now make are English cast nets.


About Us and how we make cast nets.

Working on Cast Net


 Making a New Mullet Net.



Giving Interview for Florida Times Union. 

Net Casting


Working on Cast Net Making Video  


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Hand Made Cast Nets


By Mike Usina Florida Folk Life Master Artist ,New Cast Nets and Net making videos For Sale.

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Being Knighted


For our Work in The Community


Menorcan descendents


My Wife and I, Truly Proud to be Menorcans  


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